Together, Sefaria volunteers can accomplish amazing things. Volunteers have already created more than 1 million words of original translation on our site, now free for the world!

We are inspired by the work that our community is willing to do for its own sake, but every now and then we also like to offer some great rewards to great contributors! This page list any currently open contests that Sefaria users can participate in.



Current Contest: Translation Contest for Requested Texts

About the Contest:

For the next few months, we will be running running monthly translation contests. Our translation requests feature allows users to request translations of segments of text, vote for segments that have already been requested, and help translate those segments. Help build up Sefaria’s database and help others in our community by contributing your translations now!

How it works: 

Each week we will feature a group of texts, with the goal of having them all translated by the end of the week. We will select the texts based on user requests and text added to source sheets without an available translation. After scanning our database of source sheets, there are already more than 5,000 segments of text that need to be translated. For every source you translate (assuming the translation is judged to be accurate by our team), you will be entered in the weekly raffle to win one of our prizes.

Add your voice to Sefaria’s library and help us create more translations for our community of learners!


Past Contests

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