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Share your source sheets

Now, when you’re ready to “share” your source sheet, you have the option to write a summary to help others understand what you’re teaching or the discussion you’re leading. You’ll also be prompted to add topical tags to make your sheet more searchable.   See this new feature below on a source sheet that explores how and when we can properly express our gratitude through three biblical stories.  

Sefaria’s School Supplies

It’s that time of year again and all of Sefaria’s back-to-school supplies are free. Here are some new and improved tools to make the return to the classroom something to look forward to:  (The following tools link to tutorials. You can also start using them right away in the Source Sheet Builder.)

Announcing Sefaria’s 2017-2018 Partners

This year, Sefaria’s Day School and Jewish Organizational Partnership Initiative received nearly 50 applications from educators working in a variety of settings around the world. We enjoyed the opportunity to speak with so many passionate and talented educators and to hear about the work that they are doing. Sefaria is pleased to introduce the newest members of the 2017-2018 Partnership Initiative cohort: