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Introducing Public Groups

Announcing the launch of Public Groups, a long awaited feature for schools and organizations. The Public Groups platform gives you a landing page to collect and showcase your resources, allowing you and your team to have a personal home on Sefaria where your Torah can live. With Public Groups, you can use Sefaria to start conversations around your group’s Torah, both within your own community, with the broader diverse Sefaria userbase, and with the world.

Educator Spotlight: How a Blizzard Brought Sefaria to Miami

Chani Richmond, a middle school teacher at Hebrew Academy RASG in Miami Beach, Florida, is one of twelve partner educators in Sefaria’s 2017-2018 School Partnership Initiative. An educator with 20 years of experience, Chani has spent that time exploring new educational technologies and experimenting with bringing innovations happening in general studies classrooms across the country into her Judaic Studies classroom. She credits a 2008 blizzard and the resulting Google slides presentation that she and her students worked on remotely together as her aha moment in which she came to truly understand the potential of collaborative online learning.