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Nechama Leibowitz is one of the greatest commentators in Jewish history. For Professor Leibowitz, asking the right questions was more important than the answers alone. This has always made her work particularly resonant at Sefaria. We also believe that questions — moments of curiosity — are at the heart of all learning. We constantly seek new ways to engage in Torah with this mindset. Thanks to the generosity of Professor Leibowitz's family and the support of the Rubinstein family, we're especially proud to share:
  • Professor Leibowitz's source sheets — the gilyonot — fully-integrated into the Sefaria platform with hyperlinks to the texts they reference. This includes nearly 1,500 sheets penned over the course of 30 years!
  • Newly translated Hebrew-English Leibowitz source sheets, one for each parasha.
The full collection is available now at

On a personal note, I had the great honor of studying with Professor Leibowitz early in my career as an educator. I created this short video to share a few of my own recollections of who this inspiring teacher was. I sincerely hope that you enjoy studying with Nechama Leibowitz as much as I did.
Kol Tuv,

Rachel Buckman
The Nechama Leibowitz Collection on Sefaria is dedicated by the Rubinstein, Koschitzky and Pertman families of Toronto, Canada and Raanana, Israel on the occasion of the first yahrzeit, and in honor of the memory, of their mother, grandmother and great-grandmother Magda Miriam Reichner. Special thanks to the family of Nechama Leibowitz for  making Professor Leibowitz’s work free and available to everyone.
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