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It's that time of year … we've eaten the hamentashen and we've put away the costumes. That means we're gearing up to teach our students about Passover! Sefaria has all of the resources you need to prepare your class for the search for chametz, the seder and beyond.
  Making a Haggadah with your class? Whether your students are writing their own thoughts to share at the seder or adding artwork to illuminate their favorite section, we've got you covered with our Haggadah template sheets. Just click to open the Ashkenazi Haggadah or the Edot Hamizrach Haggadah in edit mode, and in the file menu, select "copy sheet." Your editable Haggadah is ready to go!
  Will your students be preparing their own materials for seder? Consider making a Group on Sefaria to showcase their work. Groups provide a space for every student to share their digital product with the class. Then you can share their work with parents or school community by sending a link to the group's homepage.
  Looking for more resources? As always, whatever materials you want to teach are at your fingertips with Sefaria's topics page. Try searching for "Passover" or "Haggadah" and see what you discover!
And of course, you can always go back to the basics with our Passover 101 sheet.

Happy Learning,

Sara Wolkenfeld
Sara Wolkenfeld
Director of Education

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