(Happy) Chanukah Resources

Sefaria is filled with resources to help you teach and celebrate Chanukah. Here are a few of our favorite source sheets and relevant texts from the library.

We encourage you to add your teaching materials to Sefaria, make them public, and tag them for others to enjoy.

Sheets on Chanukah

Chanukah Basics:

What is Hannukah? by Peter Eckstein

What is a Miracle? by Faustine Sigal/Moishe House

More Cheese Please by Rabbi Barry Dolinger

Chanukah 5777 Reindeer and Latkes: Aren't The Winter Holidays Suspiciously Similar? by Rabbi David Fohrman

Beyond Presents: Making Channukah Meaningful for Your Child and Yourself by Rebecca Rosenthal

Contemporary Issues:

Be Your Own Shamash by Rachel Nilson Ralston/Hillel Educators

Darkness and Light: Kislev after Pittsburgh by Rabbi Sari Laufer

In the Classroom:

Learning about Chanukah JCDS 5th Grade by Gabe Greenberg

Chanukah Candle Lighting in the IDF by Rachel Buckman/National Library of Israel

Celebrate Israel & Research the State’s Symbol by Tzvi Sinensky/Pedagogy on Sefaria: Exemplary Lesson Plans

Chanukah in the Arts:

Chanukah Haftarah - Visual Midrash by Anna Fine Foer

Judith in the Enemy's Tent: A Musical Midrash with Study Guide by Girls in Trouble

Chanukah Texts

Did you know that the three most cited sources on Chanukah come from the Talmud? Your students can learn more about Chanukah by browsing the Chanukah tag in Topics

Or, check out our collection of foundational Chanukah texts in Hebrew and in English: 

You can also find the Torah and Haftarah readings in the library: