Public Groups: Conservative Yeshiva

To celebrate the launch of our new Public Groups feature, we’re highlighting some of its early adopters. Today’s organization is:  cyj

The Conservative Yeshiva

Who they are: The Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem is a hub of intellectual and spiritual activity where learners engage classical Jewish texts, pursue questions both timeless and timely, and develop the lifelong skills and habits. The doors of the CY’s beit midrash are open to students of all ages, genders, and backgrounds. It welcomes the full scope of human experiences and the questions its students pose, relying on both modern scholarship and ancient wisdom in the shared pursuit of answers.

How they use Sefaria: As a Yeshiva, their faculty and students are always generating new materials for classes and lectures. Using the Sefaria platform has allowed them to standardize their source-sheets, provide their students with access to a massive digital library, and now, with this new feature, share that Torah with the wider community!

Find their sheets here!