Summer Reading Series: Halakhah and Philosophy

Further summer reading explore all of our new Halakhic and philosophical texts and commentaries, below!


  • Abudarham: We added a popular commentary on the synagogue liturgy through a halakhic lens by David Abudarham (Spain, 14th century). The first edition appeared in Lisbon in 1489. Sefaria's digital edition is based on the first edition, with additions from manuscripts.
  • Ben Ish Hai is now complete! We digitized the Drashot section, and added Halakhot 2nd Year.
  • Biur Halacha: “Explanation of the Law,” a commentary by R’ Israel Meir Kagain tangential to the Mishna Berurah, provides a complex analysis of the legal rulings of earlier halachic authorities.
  • Hasagot HaRaavad: R’ Avraham ben David’s (Raavad) commentary on the Mishneh Torah.
  • Lehem Mishneh: R’ Avraham Hiyya de Boton’s commentary on the Mishneh Torah.
  • Maggid Mishneh: Vidal of Tolosa’s commentary on the Mishneh Torah.
  • Treasures Hidden in the Sand: Thesis by the Grand Rabbi Gershon Henoch Leiner, the Radziner Rebbe (known as "Baal HaTchelet"), which concludes that Sepia Officinalis (common cuttlefish) meets many of the criteria of tchelet. In Hebrew and in English.
  • Torat Netanel: A collection of responsa by R. Nathaniel Weil (1687–1769), also know as the “Korban Netanel.”


  • New English version of Duties of the Heart, translated by Rabbi Yosef Sebag: Bahya ibn Paquda’s investigation into the ten principles of spiritual life.
  • Shaar HaEmunah Ve'Yesod HaChassidut: R’ Gershon Chanoch Henech Leiner of Radzin’s introduction to his father’s work — the “Beit Yaakov.” This work is a guide to the theology of Chasidut, based in Talmudic, Halakhic, and esoteric sources.
  • Yesod Mora, "The Foundation of Awe and the Secret of the Torah:” Ibn Ezra's philosophical treatise discussing the reasons for the Biblical commandments.

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