Sefaria for Educators

This past year, Sefaria’s education team visited schools in Los Angeles, Boston, New York, New Jersey, Detroit, Toronto, and Chicago, and spoke with educators in many other cities. The questions we hear over and over are:

  • How can I use Sefaria in my classroom?
  • How are other educators using Sefaria to teach?
  • How can I connect to the community of Sefaria educators?

Welcome to the education channel on our blog, where we’ll post answers to these questions, and any others that you suggest. We look forward to sharing the creativity and experience of educators who have been experimenting with Sefaria.

Bat Sheva Miller, a participant in our Partnership Initiative, used Sefaria as the basis for the final project assignment for a class on teshuva (repentance) for middle school students at the Oakland Hebrew Day School OHDS).

OHDS students created source sheets on Sefaria that required them to to personally engage with the texts. Below is the assignment the students received:

Your source sheets should have:

  • At least two sources we have looked at during the class
  • Your final art interpretative project on Teshuva
  • One additional source/media of your choice
  • At least one set of questions for one of your sources

The result:  a set of beautiful digital source sheets, which were shared within the school community. You can see examples here and here.

Can you imagine adapting this assignment to your classroom or context? What questions do you have about teaching with Sefaria? Let us know how we can help you use this platform to serve your teaching needs. Get in touch!