Critical Source Sheet Improvements

In just two years, more than 18,000 unique source sheets have been made on Thousands of teachers, rabbis, students and lay leaders are turning to Sefaria's easy-to-use source sheet builder to create beautiful, interactive, bilingual study guides that function as conversation starters and homework assignments as well.

We are thrilled to introduce several critical improvements to the source sheet application. All of these updates were created in direct response to user feedback through our School Partnership Initiative. Thank you!

Language Control: Users now have unprecedented flexibility when it comes to language control. Instead of making a sheet all-Hebrew or all-bilingual, for example, it is now possible to specify a language preference for each individual source added. This is ideal for times when sources are available in only one language.

To control the language of an individual source, hover over the source. The menu that comes up now includes an option on the far right that will allow you to change the language settings of that source.

Media: Users now have the ability to embed media, such as a YouTube video or an Mp3 file, directly onto a source sheet.

Sharing controls: Users now have better collaboration options than ever before and can choose a number of different modes for sharing their source sheet. The “anyone can add” mode allows teachers to create a space for students to discuss a text, respond to one another, or add sources that relate to the conversation. For example, students might be presented with Biblical verses, and asked to add commentary that relates to a specific theme or answers a particular question. Every student could add his or her own source, and their name will appear underneath the text. The “anyone can edit” mode provides a way for students to manipulate the text itself by punctuating, highlighting, dividing, etc. A teacher might put a section from the Talmud on a source sheet and ask students to put all questions in red, answers in green, and so on. Checking the student's contribution will give the teacher a sense of how well they understood the material.

Coming soon:

- A "visualize" option for greater flexibility regarding source sheet layout.

- An "assignments" feature to quickly generate digital copies of source sheets for students, peers, or learning partners.