The Results of Our Translation Contest Are In!

The Sefaria Project is pleased to share the results of our Shulchan Arukh translation contest. We set out to translate Even HaEzer, and made incredible progress! Ninety-four volunteers translated a total of 1,461 se’ifim – roughly 73% of the entire volume. A total of 170,318 words of translation have been created through this campaign (as a basis for comparison, the average novel is approximately 60,000 - 70,000 words). Over the next few months, we will be working to improve the translation – checking for errors, standardizing translations – as well as to complete it. We invite the entire Sefaria community to help us with this work!

Meet Our Top Three Winners (randomly selected from among our translators):

Ira Pollock (1st place, winner of a MacBook Air)

Ira is a neurologist and lives in Longmeadow, MA. He is married, with five young adults, one of whom is serving in the Israeli Navy. He went to Skokie Yeshiva for high school, and learned for a year at Kerem B’Yavneh. He currently gives a local class in Yerushalmi Beitsah.

“Translating for Sefaria was immensely enjoyable…I think Sefaria has the potential to be very useful, especially after it gains more notes and comments.”

Elisheva Urbas (3rd place, winner of an iPad Mini)

Elisheva is a freelance editor – mostly for books, but also for articles, books, dissertations, etc. - and an occasional translator, mostly for fun or for teaching. Elisheva is also the director of Makom Hadash, a capacity building program at Hazon. She lives in NYC with her husband, David Morris, who is an attorney, cyclist, and gemara lover.

“Translating the Even HaEzer was interesting in terms of negotiating the range of technical terms and idioms, always pleasing editorially. I had a good time doing it — thanks for the opportunity.”

Eli Friedman (2nd place, winner of an iPad Air)

A sophomore at Cooper Union, studying Electrical Engineering, Eli learned at Yeshivat Sha’alvim before starting college. He heard about the contest from his roommate, Noah Santacruz, who was third place in Sefaria’s Mishnah translation contest.

“Contests are an effective way in general to motivate people to participate in an activity. A contest like this, which drove over ninety people to learn some extra Torah and contribute to a large, open-source project, is quite significant. I really enjoyed translating Even HaEzer and found it quite satisfying to review sugyot in Ketubot and Kiddushin. Thank you very much for running these contests.”

We would also like to acknowledge our translators who were awarded $25 Amazon gift cards. Thank you Isaac Moses, Max Nesser, Arie Schwartz, Jonathan Seligsohn, and Sarah Brodsky, for all of the translations that you contributed!

Thanks also to those translators who will be receiving a newly-minted Sefaria mug: Jared Anstandig, Joshua Kulp, William Friedman, David Kominsky, Naftali Wolfe, Amir Karger, Aryeh Sklar, Eitan Etz, Elli Fischer, and Elisha Paul.

We appreciate all of the contributions from the members of our growing community. Thanks to all those who participated!