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Announcing Sefaria’s 2017-2018 Partners

This year, Sefaria’s Day School and Jewish Organizational Partnership Initiative received nearly 50 applications from educators working in a variety of settings around the world. We enjoyed the opportunity to speak with so many passionate and talented educators and to hear about the work that they are doing. Sefaria is pleased to introduce the newest members of the 2017-2018 Partnership Initiative cohort:

Sefaria for Educators

This past year, Sefaria’s education team visited schools in Los Angeles, Boston, New York, New Jersey, Detroit, Toronto, and Chicago, and spoke with educators in many other cities. The questions we hear over and over are: How can I use Sefaria in my classroom? How are other educators using Sefaria to teach? How can I connect to the community of Sefaria educators? Welcome to the education channel on our blog, where we’ll post answers to these questions, and any others that you suggest. We look forward to sharing the creativity and experience of educators who have been experimenting with Sefaria.