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Apply now to collaborate with Sefaria!

Explore two new ways to engage with Sefaria’s Education Team in the 2018-2019 academic year!

Sefaria Training Course for Educators

The Sefaria Educator Course is a fully subsidized professional learning program designed to support educators using Sefaria in Jewish studies classrooms across the country. Sefaria gives you greater flexibility in accessing and preparing materials, exposes your students to a wide-range of sources, and helps them contribute to the world of Torah. This course will empower you to reimagine pedagogy in light of digital technology. Using the content in our asynchronous online training enter and your own teaching experience, you can build your skills on Sefaria and directly apply your knowledge and training to your work with students.

This asynchronous online course will take approximately 5 hours to complete, and Sefaria’s education team will offer office hours to answer questions or address feedback. This course is open to all; Sefaria beginners will receive a thorough training and more experienced Sefaria users will hone their skills on the site. Sefaria certification will be awarded to the educator upon completion of the course.

Click here to apply to the Training Course for Educators.

Sefaria’s Innovation Circle

Are you passionate about leveraging digital technology to improve teaching and learning? Our interfaces and tools provide new opportunities for engaging in classical texts and the chance to develop new forms of pedagogy. Join us as we continue to explore how to re-envision teaching in conjunction with the new medium we have for exploring our texts. If you are interested in using technology to transform teaching and learning, apply to be a part of our collaboratory community.

Participants in this three-month program will collaborate with Sefaria’s education department and the other members of their cohort and use Sefaria’s digital technology to develop materials and methodology grounded in a constructivist approach to learning. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year.

Participants will:

  • Have the full resources of Sefaria’s education department to support their work through collaboration, brainstorming, and iterating.
  • Be trained and credentialed in using Sefaria in the classroom.
  • Be eligible to have their materials featured in the educators’ space on our website, distinguished by the Sefaria Seal of Pedagogic Excellence.

Click here to apply to the Innovation Circle.

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  1. Felishia Freddy says

    שלום sefaria is amazing wonderful awesome
    Very good and useful for true learners
    טוב מאד
    השם עמך


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