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New Books: Sept-Dec

Due to time pressure around the fall Chagim, this list was not posted at the end of October, and therefore contains everything added from September to December.

The Rif’s Talmud summary of masechtot KetubotBava MetziahAvodah ZaraShevuotYevamotKiddushinGittinChullinSukkahEruvin, and Sanhedrin.

Maharam Shiff’s Talmud commentary on ShabbatBava Batra, and Bava Metzia.

Rosh and supercommentaries on NiddahSanhedrinSukkah, and Taanit.

Rashba’s Talmud commentary on BerakhotShabbatEruvinRosh HashanahBeitzahMegillahYevamotKetubotNedarimGittinKiddushinBava MetziahBava BatraAvodah Zara,  Chullin, and Niddah.

Teshuvot HaRadbaz V1-6
Terumat HaDeshen
Teshuvot Noda B’Yehuda V 1
Abarbanel on Torah
Torat HaBayit HaKatsar
Torat HaBayit HaAroch with Bedek HaBayit and Mishmeret HaBayit
Tanna D’bei Eliyahu zuta
Yalkut Shimoni on Nach
Shadal on Genesis

Just a reminder that if you want to see a list of everything Sefaria has, check the Table of Contents. If you want to get up-to-date notifications as we finish things, follow us on twitter.

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