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Meet Our School Partners

Every fall, our education team selects a diverse set of educators to join Sefaria’s Educational Partnership Initiative. The purpose of the Initiative is for educators to experiment with Sefaria, explore what Jewish learning looks like in a digital age, and discover how we might create new forms of engagement around Jewish texts in conjunction with Sefaria. Participating educators think through best practices of teaching with Sefaria and work together to foster a more innovative spirit in the community Jewish learning. In the 2016-2017 school year, there are two distinct cohorts: day schools and Jewish organizations. The 2016-17 cohort includes 19 schools and 9 Jewish organizations.

Critical Source Sheet Improvements

In just two years, more than 18,000 unique source sheets have been made on Thousands of teachers, rabbis, students and lay leaders are turning to Sefaria’s easy-to-use source sheet builder to create beautiful, interactive, bilingual study guides that function as conversation starters and homework assignments as well.