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Share your source sheets

Now, when you’re ready to “share” your source sheet, you have the option to write a summary to help others understand what you’re teaching or the discussion you’re leading. You’ll also be prompted to add topical tags to make your sheet more searchable.   See this new feature below on a source sheet that explores how and when we can properly express our gratitude through three biblical stories.  

Assistive Technology on Sefaria

Six months ago, we gave ourselves a public deadline promising to complete serious improvements to our site’s accessibility. Since then, our engineering team has been hard at work to live up to that promise. As the engineer primarily tasked with making that promise a reality, I wanted to share our update with you. We’ve been rolling out incremental updates to the site over the past several months, and today I’m proud to announce that users who access Sefaria with the help of assistive technologies can now enjoy a comparable experience throughout the site to those who do so without using them.