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This has been an action-packed year at Sefaria: our engineering team has been busy making updates, edits, bug fixes and developing new features. As the Jewish year 5779 draws to a close, here's a look at some newer features you may have missed:
  • We've expanded the Link Explorer. This interactive visualization started with the beautiful intersections of every instance where the Talmud quotes Tanakh. Now, it's more expansive than ever with six more visualizations. Get a behind-the-scenes look at what went into creating the Link Explorer on our blog.
  • We've added the Jastrow and Klein Dictionaries for easy access to word definitions. Learn more about these two dictionaries and watch a brief tutorial video on our blog to see how you can access them in your studies.
  • We've launched the Torah Tab, a new tool to inspire learning while you browse the web. This browser extension will show you a fresh Torah verse each time you open a new tab on your computer. You can choose to highlight the weekly Parashah, Daf Yomi, 929, or a random text, to name a few. Download Torah Tab for Chrome and Firefox here.
  • We've launched new search filters for Sheets. You can quickly refine your search for the perfect source sheet by topic tag or group name. See a quick tutorial of this feature on our blog.

On behalf of our engineering team, it's an honor to deliver new features to expand your learning every year.

Happy Learning,

Brett Lockspeiser

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