Professional Development with Sefaria

The new year is the perfect opportunity to gain new skills and experiment with innovative teaching techniques. Here are some ways Sefaria's Education Team can support your teaching in the 2019-2020 academic year!


Sefaria Educator Course

The Sefaria Educator Course is a fully subsidized professional learning program designed to support educators using Sefaria in Jewish studies classrooms across the country. Sefaria gives you greater flexibility in accessing and preparing materials, exposes your students to a wide-range of sources, and helps them contribute to the world of Torah. Using the content in our asynchronous online training center and your own teaching experience, you can build your skills on Sefaria and directly apply your knowledge and training to your work with students. The course takes approximately 5 hours to complete, and Sefaria’s education team provides feedback, answers questions and addresses specific concerns. The course is open to all; Sefaria beginners will receive a thorough training and more experienced Sefaria users will hone their skills on the site. Sefaria certification will be awarded to the educator upon completion of the course. Click here to apply to the Training Course for Educators.

Sefaria Workshops

Our education team provides customized professional development workshops via Zoom (or in person, if we happen to be in town!). If you and your colleagues are ready to innovate in the context of your school or synagogue, let us know. Click here to request a training.

Resources for Teaching

From Rosh HaShanah to the Yoms, from Torah to Talmud, Sefaria has materials, lesson plans, and teaching tips - plus updates on new texts and new features. Head to our educator page and click "Get the Newsletter" so that you can take advantage of all that Sefaria has to offer!

Questions? Contact Sara Wolkenfeld at

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