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Shmuel here, the go-to person for adding new texts to Sefaria. We wanted to update you on our many recently-added texts, just in time for summer reading. We hope these offer you new journeys through our library, and keep you learning and growing all season long.
  • The Improvement of the Moral Qualities: Solomon ibn Gabirol's ethical treatise is now available in English, translated from the original Arabic by Stephen Samuel Wise (New York, 1902).
  • Shulchan Shel Arba: Table of Four — laws and customs of the meal by Rabbi Bahya ben Asher — is now available in English translation. We thank Rabbi Jonathan Brumberg-Kraus, a professor of religion at Wheaton College, for releasing his translation into the commons!
  • Keeping up with the "Daf Yomi" schedule? The William Davidson English translation on Arakhin is now available! We've also added Halakhah interlinking 555 new connections from Tractate Arakhin to Halakhic sources, generated from the Ein Mishpat.
  • We've just completed our Malbim collection on Tanakh by adding the commentaries on Leviticus, known also as "HaTorah veHaMitzva", as well as the commentaries on Joshua, Judges and Ezra, known also as "Mikra'ei Kodesh" — via Wikisource.
  • Responsa Benei Banim: Halakhic responsa by Rav Yehuda H. Henkin, a Modern-Orthodox posek. Also added: Responsa on Contemporary Jewish Women's Issues — translated teshuvot focusing on the role and place of women in both Jewish and everyday life, now aligned to the Hebrew text. Here's one text on women studying Talmud that we recommend to get you started. 
Here at Sefaria, we're always growing our library. Keep an eye on our Updates page to see what's new.

We hope you enjoy your summer learning with Sefaria,


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