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Bringing Nechama Leibowitz's 1,457 source sheets into Sefaria was a unique challenge for us.

As lead engineer on the project, I knew that the heart of the project was to link Professor Leibowitz's extensive work to the texts she references. Often Professor Leibowitz asks a question that points to a text. Now, we can link directly to it, enhancing the experience of learning from her for many generations to come.

While developing the algorithms to build her place in the library, I frequently found myself wanting to stop and learn more from her commentaries. Ultimately, I discovered that I have a personal connection to Professor Leibowitz. I made a short video to share my story and give you a behind-the-scenes look at how we construct the connections that make Sefaria truly special.
The full collection is available now at

I hope you'll enjoy learning more about the work we do at Sefaria. After all, its donations from users like you that make it possible to connect you with great scholars like Professor Leibowitz.

The Nechama Leibowitz Collection on Sefaria is dedicated by the Rubinstein, Koschitzky and Pertman families of Toronto, Canada and Raanana, Israel on the occasion of the first yahrzeit, and in honor of the memory, of their mother, grandmother and great-grandmother Magda Miriam Reichner. Special thanks to the family of Nechama Leibowitz for making Professor Leibowitz’s work free and available to everyone.
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