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Nechama Leibowitz, z"l, was one of the towering figures of Torah scholarship in the 20th century. Her students were so eager to study with her that they often asked for homework. These assignments developed into her legendary gilyonot or source sheets. These gilyonot are studied for their incisive questions and thought-provoking approach to Chumash.

Sefaria is proud to announce the addition of nearly 1,500 of Nechama's source sheets to our library. As an educational leader, we hope you will explore these materials and that you find ample opportunity lilmod ulelamed - to learn from Nechama Leibowitz's Torah and teach it to your students. To guide your journey, we are sharing:
  • A brief orientation to Professor Leibowitz's life and work, prepared by one of her former students
  • A lesson plan incorporating some of the materials from one of Nechama's gilyonot
  • Our collection of fully translated sheets, one for each weekly Torah portion
On a personal note, Nechama Leibowitz's Torah has been a vital part of my own learning over the years. I made this short video about how I first came to study her work.
And of course, you can view the full collection here. Happy learning!


Sara Wolkenfeld
Director of Education
The Nechama Leibowitz Collection on Sefaria is dedicated by the Rubinstein, Koschitzky and Pertman families of Toronto, Canada and Raanana, Israel on the occasion of the first yahrzeit, and in honor of the memory, of their mother, grandmother and great-grandmother Magda Miriam Reichner. Special thanks to the family of Nechama Leibowitz for making Professor Leibowitz’s work free and available to everyone.
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