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Passover is my absolute favorite holiday of the year. What's not to like? It's early spring, kids are gearing up for an afikomen Mission Impossible and the main event--the seder--is all about food and freedom. But no matter what you're doing at your seder this year, there's a text to help!
  If you're leading a seder: Chazak v'ematz as you take the reins! Whether this is your first time leading or you've been doing it for years, you might want to make the seder your own. You can customize your own haggadah using our template tool. Just click to open the Ashkenazi Haggadah or the Edot Hamizrach Haggadah in edit mode, and in the file menu, select "copy sheet." Your editable Haggadah is ready to go!
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  If you're attending a seder and want to contribute: Bringing new texts to the seder can be a great way to enliven your annual tradition and spark conversation. Find what you're looking for by exploring trending Topics in Sefaria's library.
  If you're cooking for a seder and want to connect the food to the story: You can't have a seder without food! So whether you're heading to a potluck Passover or you're in charge of the whole meal, I love the idea of connecting recipes to the texts. Our Education Director Sara Wolkenfeld has assembled some ideas to whet your appetite and inspire you in the kitchen.
We hope you find everything you need and more in the Sefaria library.

Chag Sameach,

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P.S. No matter your role in the seder, consider making a gift to Sefaria to celebrate Passover.
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