Passover in the Classroom: Lesson Plan Ideas

Trying to decide what to teach this year that’s new and exciting? 

Help your students think through the Passover narratives with sheets like What is Oppressive Labor (farech)?, by David Siff. Or, encourage them to create their own midrashim with Arami Oved Avi and Shir HaShirim, by Binyamin Cohen. 

Maybe you want to encourage your students to frame great questions at your seder with The Four (thousand) Questions: Cultivating Question-Asking at Your Pesach Seder, by Dasi Fruchter. Or, explore the concept of seeing yourself as if you left Egypt with Reliving the Exodus, by Tzvi Sinenksy. 

Is Food Your Focus? 

We have a whole seder plate’s worth of sheets to help you delve into the deeper significance of these dishes. Check out What Is Maror? The Answer Goes to the Highest Bitter, by Hody Nemes; The Egg, by Jeremy Borovitz; Charoset: A Model for Making Meaning out of the Mundane, by Josh Pernick; Matzah: Divine Love for "Unleavened" People, by Ayalon Eliach; and Karpas, by Rachel Buckman.

Looking for Lesson Plans? 

Getting Rid of the Chametz leads students through a study of the ritual through art and oral history. What's YOUR Exodus Story? encourages students to think about how they can personally relate to the story of freedom. Bridges and Puzzles: Understanding the Haggadah helps students understand what Midrash is and how it functions in the Haggadah. 

We can't wait to see what you teach this year. Contact us any time with questions, or to tell us what you have taught using Sefaria. We would love to feature you and your students on our blog, so please share your accomplishments!