Last-minute Passover Inspiration

Don’t panic. Passover is coming...but Sefaria is here for you!

Sparks of Inspiration for your Seder — Did you know that Sefaria has seventeen commentaries on the Haggadah? Click on any passage to discover new insights on familiar passages. Whether you are leading a seder or teaching others how to do so, Sefaria has great resources to guide you through the experience.

This Just In: New for this Year’s Celebration — The Sefaria community has been busy getting ready for Passover! In the last few weeks, our users created almost 120 new Passover-related sheets. A few of our favorites from this fresh crop of sheets include The Pesach Seder: Covenants of Kindness, Covenants of Blood, by Gabe Greenberg, The Four Children: A Hevruta Exploration, by Rebecca Rosenthal, and The Four Sons - Family Reunion, by Shaul Wertheimer. Check them out for some last-minute Passover inspiration!

I can’t wait to see what you create. Please feel free to reach out any time to share what you’ve created or ask for some help as you prepare your final pre-Passover lessons.