New, Groundbreaking Tech for Passover Prep

Introducing the world’s first chametz-seeking drone!

The brilliant Sefaria engineering team has adapted military-grade, heat-seeking technology to sniff out the crumbs left behind from a year of eating bread, cake, cookies and even the stalest of dry hamantaschen (sorry, Bubbie--they need more prune butter!) And when the drone finds the goods, it deploys a laser to destroy the chametz on contact. We even added special modes for kitniyot!


Just make sure you have your Sefaria app updated and we’ll send a drone to your home within two business days.

Just kidding, April Fools! Stay tuned for the real news about our Pesach updates coming your way this month πŸ˜‰. In the meantime, check out our haggadot and texts about how to actually clean the chametz from your home on our site.

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