Best Purim topics you’ve never taught

Sefaria wants to help you start a new conversation about Purim with your students this year! Here are some great resources that you didn't know you were looking for.

Use an art activity as a lens for examining the Megillah, as described in Illustrate the Megillah, created by Rachel Buckman. This sheet can be used with elementary school students and adapted for older students as well.

Go in-depth on Purim and alcohol with Rava's Murder of Rabbi Zeira: A Pro-Mordechai Purim Shpiel, created by Ayalon Eliach. Best suited for a young adult or adult setting, this sheet re-reads the Talmudic story about the potential dangers of Purim drinking, with surprising conclusions!

Put your students in the shoes of the different characters in the Megillah with Unmasking The Characters Of Purim Teaching Model Inspired By: Gila Fine, created by Alyssa Silva. She pairs traditional texts with cultural references to take high school or adult learners through a discussion of how we identify - or don't identify! - with the characters in the story of Esther.

Explore the theme of beauty in the Megillah with Beauty through the Eyes of Esther, created by Deidra Zussman. This source sheet examines the recurring theme of physical beauty in the Megillah. Middle school students, as well as older learners, can use this sheet to dig below the surface on the seemingly superficial.

Add your own voice to our Purim sheets collection! We can't wait to see what you create.

Of course, Sefaria also has all the basics for teaching about Purim. Check out our Purim 101 Sheet for links to everything from Megillat Esther to sheets that teach Purim fundamentals.

Finally, for some Purim fun, don't forget to introduce your students to our Emoji Megillah. 👳🏾👸🏽🎉☀️