Innovation Circle for Ed Tech Exploration

Do you want to collaborate with our education team to develop innovative teaching materials and methodology using Sefaria’s technology? 

Applications are now open for Sefaria’s Innovation Circle. Apply for the second cohort of our 10-week educator program by February 4. The program will begin in mid-February.


Program Description

Sefaria believes the best learning happens when students are empowered to discover and explore texts independently, and the new medium we have for studying Jewish texts can help improve that learning process. Our team is committed to supporting educators who are willing to innovate as we think about how education is shifting in the age of digital technology. We recognize it is hard to find the time and mental space to try something new when you are actively engaged in teaching, yet it is precisely those of us who are with learners on a regular basis who have the opportunity to experiment with new methodologies and new ways of teaching. We applaud your willingness to experiment.

Participants in this three-month program will collaborate with Sefaria’s education department and the other members of their cohort and use Sefaria’s digital technology to develop materials and methodology grounded in a constructivist approach to learning. Each educator will frame their own question or challenge, and will leverage Sefaria’s resources and the resources of the entire cohort to iterate and experiment with responses to that question.

Participants will:

  • Have the full resources of Sefaria’s education department to support their work through collaboration, brainstorming, and iterating.

  • Be trained and credentialed in using Sefaria in the classroom

  • Be eligible to have their materials featured in the educators’ space on our website, distinguished by the Sefaria Seal of Pedagogic Excellence


This program will run from February 12th to April 12th, 2019. The timeline below may be adjusted based on the needs of participants, but we will respect the start and end dates in order to allow all participants to plan ahead.

In order to take advantage of our fully subsidized slots in this program, we ask that you fully commit to all five stages.

February 4 - February 11th: Confirming our Cohort

Participants will fill out the intake form and respond to scheduling polls so that we can find times for our initial video conference calls.

February  12th - 22nd: Framing our Questions

These calls will be an opportunity for you to meet other members of the cohort who work in a setting similar to yours. We will use protocols to share the challenges and questions that we will be working on and identify areas of overlap or potential support for one another.

February 25th - March 18th : Iterating Approaches

In dialogue with Sefaria’s education team and with other members of the cohort, participants will iterate approaches to the questions they have articulated. We will ask new questions and brainstorm responses to hone our ideas.

March 19th - April 2nd: Implementation and Experimentation

During these weeks, we’ll focus on experimenting with Sefaria’s technology in combination with new teaching strategies. Participants will begin to implement at least one new idea (if they haven’t already begun to do so) and will adjust as necessary to maximize the impact of this opportunity.

April 3rd-12th: Reflection and Wrap up

Participants will reflect on what went well, what they would do again, and what they would do differently. How might we improve upon process and product? How did trying something new change our usual process of conveying material or transmitting skills, and what did we learn from this experience? What might we share out with the broader Sefaria educational community? These and other questions will be the subject of reflections with the Sefaria team and in a wrap-up call with the other cohort members.

For questions and more information, email