No trees were harmed in the making of these Tu B'Shvat resources

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Tu B’Shvat is fast approaching and Sefaria has source sheets and texts which can help you to prepare.

Lesson Plans
If you are looking for ready-made lesson plans, Sefaria hosts three created by Devorah Katz of The Global Day of Jewish Learning: Loving the Trees (Elementary School), The Power of Planting: Appreciating Seeds and Samplings (Middle School), and Planting for the Future. We also have a Tu B'Shvat lesson plan from The National Library of Israel, entitled Responsibility to the Land: To Work it and To Keep It.

Creative Inspiration
For artistic inspiration, Anna Fine Foer's A Tree in a Field provides a visual midrash for the holiday. Rabbi David Winship's Tu B'Shvat Seder Haggadah presents an option for a creative seder. And if you're looking for more modern sources, check out How Do Jewish Sources Connect to Modern Environmentalism? by Danielle Davidoff.

For a quick look at the most popular Tu B'Shvat texts on Sefaria, use the topics feature and search the Tu B'Shvat tag.

BONUS: Martin Luther King Day
And, finally, if you are also in search of Martin Luther King Day resources on Sefaria, check out Ari Elias-Bachrach's sheet on MLK and Torah which explores the biblical roots of some of Dr. King's most famous speeches.

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