Sefaria's Training Course for Educators

This past September, we launched our inaugural online course for educators. This self-paced course explores every aspect of Sefaria, from searching for texts in our library to using sheets as an effective digital learning tool.

Do you know how to create a visual sheet on Sefaria? Have you ever tried using our groups feature to create a shared space for students or colleagues?


The ten-session course covers all of these possibilities, and much more. The lessons can also function as standalone units, so if there is a particular aspect of Sefaria you would like to explore, feel free to engage with the lessons that meet your own needs. What's more, every lesson is accompanied by an assignment, so that you can test your skills and your understanding.

Beyond teaching you how to navigate the library and leverage Sefaria's tools, this course also offers insights into how you can effectively incorporate Sefaria to empower learners to explore more texts and develop new skills. According to the educators participating in the course, these lessons are informative and practical. We asked participants to share some highlights:

[This course] [p]rovides good, easy to understand information that is usable by even non-tech people. The flexibility of completion makes it easy to participate.

—Brian Michelson, Oheb Sholom

This course is completely practical and applicable to both preparation and pedagogy... I loved the course because I was able to do it at home, at my own pace and in a way that I could integrate what I needed in a way that was helpful without being overwhelming.

—Leah Herzog, Ma'ayanot

Educators need to know what is out there - and how much is available to enrich the classroom. Sharing Torah amongst educators is a powerful way to connect and empower others to grow as Judaic educators and thinkers.

—Yael Saffra, HAFTR

“Learning the breadth of Sefaria in focused lessons was helpful. I could have learned many things on my own just playing around, but it would have taken a lot longer and I would have missed things. Also, seeing how sheets may be used for lessons was important, along with other features like highlighting and adding media and other information into a sheet. I'm also very excited about the visualization features.”

—Benjamin Snyder, Asbury Theological Seminary

So far, 67 educators have engaged with the course, and 15 have already completed all ten lessons and are now certified Sefaria educators. We are proud to have these educators out in the field working with students, and we welcome anyone else who is interested to sign up! The course remains open, and is fully subsidized and free of charge to educators.

If you are already comfortable working with Sefaria, consider our Innovation Circle! Participants in this three-month program will collaborate with Sefaria's education department and the other members of their cohort to develop materials and methodology grounded in a constructivist approach to learning using Sefaria. Read more and apply here.