80,000 ...

That’s the number of people who took advantage of Sefaria resources in the two weeks leading up to Shavuot! And 338 people from 38 countries added themselves to Sefaria's interactive teaching and learning map.

From Budapest to Brooklyn, Haifa to Helsinki, Melbourne to Milan….


The map shows people around the world who used Sefaria to prepare to teach and learn on Shavuot — studying the texts in the library, building source sheets, or taking advantage of the search function to find just the right passage.

Thank you to everyone who participated and to the entire Sefaria community — you have supported us since the very beginning.

Your exploration, clicks, downloads, and financial support have allowed us to build Sefaria's website and apps into the hub of learning they are today.

P.S. Did you build a source sheet for Shavuot? Don't forget to tag it, summarize it, and — most importantly — make it public, so that all of our users can learn from it for years to come!