Shavuot Prep with Sefaria

Will you be teaching on Shavuot? Hosting a class to help others prepare for the night of studying? Or simply readying yourself to receive the Torah? We invite you to be a part of Sefaria's Shavuot celebration by telling us where in the world you'll be teaching or studying with Sefaria. Add yourself to our map.

From Torah, Midrash, and Halakhah (plus all the commentaries in between), to more than 100 source sheets tagged for Shavuot which draw upon these texts, Sefaria has a harvest of resources for you.

We have 118 source sheets in the Shavuot tag — and counting! Here are just a few:

Learn from some of the most popular Shavuot sources in Sefaria's library:

Find them in the Shavuot Topic or compiled into a single source sheet. They include:

Can you guess what our top Shavuot source is?

And of course... we have Megillat Ruth

Don't forget: celebrate Shavuot with Sefaria users everywhere!

Will you be using a Sefaria sheet to teach or study this year? Let us know! Click here to be added to our interactive map of Sefaria shiurim taking place this Shavuot.