Public Groups: Moishe House

To celebrate the launch of our new Public Groups feature, we’re highlighting some of its early adopters. Today’s organization is:  moishe house

Who they are: Moishe House provides vibrant Jewish community for young adults by supporting leaders in their 20s as they create meaningful home-based Jewish experiences for themselves and their peers. They envision Moishe House as the global leader of pluralistic Jewish life for adults in their 20s. They facilitate a wide range of experiences, so that they have the leadership, knowledge and community to enrich their Jewish journeys.

How they use Sefaria:  In their now public Sefaria group, they share great Jewish content by the Moishe House community, for the Moishe House community and beyond! Their group helps them make the diversity of text on Sefaria accessible, relevant and empowering. It is a bridge for them to read and learn deeper, teach better and maybe wander further into the Sefaria library. They use their group direct their communities attention to source sheets offering answers to their intellectual, personal, communal (and logistical!) challenges. Now that the group is public, they want to share with a broader audience how Moishe House does Torah. They look forward to how Sefaria's features will enable a global conversation among their many communities on how and why Jews read text in 2018.

Find their sheets here!