Public Groups: ELI Talks

To celebrate the launch of our new Public Groups feature, we’re highlighting some of its early adopters. Today’s organization is:  eli talks

Who they are: ELI Talks works with organizations and individuals to cultivate, raise up, and transmit inspired Jewish ideas. Through ELI's digital media, and conversations on and offline, ELI curates a canon of new Jewish thought. This living Gemara, deeply rooted in text and tradition, serves to mirror, to energize, and to enrich the entire spectrum of Jewish observance while acting as a beacon of discourse and civility in today's world.

How they use Sefaria: In their own words, ELI’s collaboration with Sefaria has been one of “our largest accomplishments of the past year, and we are finding more ways to build that relationship going forward.” Since Fall 2016, each ELI speaker has created a source sheet on Sefaria as part of their fellowship which enables friends, teachers, and even strangers to contribute texts that ground the speaker’s developing idea. This process allows ELI speakers to add depth and transparency to their talks, while explicitly demonstrating that each dynamic Jewish idea is fundamentally inspired by and tied to our tradition.

Through Sefaria’s group feature, people can now explore each public source sheet associated with an ELI Talk all in one place, making sure that their viewers and friends alike have the ability to learn from layers of Jewish thought—meandering from modern inspired Jewish ideas to ancient ones and back again. As they explain, ELI Talks wants to “support and raise up Sefaria in our common effort to make our tradition and its transmission accessible, collaborative, and free.”

Find their sheets here!