Public Groups: Girls in Trouble

To celebrate the launch of our new Public Groups feature, we’re highlighting some of its early adopters. Today’s organization is: 

girls in trouble

Who they are: Girls in Trouble is an indie-folk/art-pop song cycle about women in Torah by musician, writer and teacher Alicia Jo Rabins. The Girls in Trouble Curriculum is a series of study guides accompanying the songs, intended for teens and adults in a wide range of Jewish education settings, or for self-study, created with generous support from the Covenant Foundation.

How they use Sefaria:  Sefaria plays a double role in Girls in Trouble’s work: They had used Sefaria as a resource while researching and developing curriculum about women in Torah through art, and are now using Sefaria’s Public Groups feature to share the sources behind their songs - as well as recordings and lyrics - for all to engage with.

Find their sheets here!