Introducing Public Groups

Announcing the launch of Public Groups, a long awaited feature for schools and organizations. The Public Groups platform gives you a landing page to collect and showcase your resources, allowing you and your team to have a personal home on Sefaria where your Torah can live. With Public Groups, you can use Sefaria to start conversations around your group’s Torah, both within your own community, with the broader diverse Sefaria userbase, and with the world.

We are excited to introduce early adopters of the feature, whose groups are currently live on this new platform: BimBam, Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem, ELI Talks, Girls In Trouble, the Lippman Kanfer Foundation for Living Torah. Moishe House, RASG Hebrew Academy, and Romemu, NYC. Stay tuned for a series of upcoming features on these organizations and the wonderful Torah they are creating.

Explore the Public Groups on Sefaria right now by clicking hereTo learn how to get your class, school, study group, book club, organization etc., set up as a group on Sefaria, follow this tutorial or reach out to our education department here.