Sefaria's School Supplies

It’s that time of year again and all of Sefaria's back-to-school supplies are free. Here are some new and improved tools to make the return to the classroom something to look forward to:  (The following tools link to tutorials. You can also start using them right away in the Source Sheet Builder.)

Groups Create and manage a centralized group to easily share source sheets and resources with your classroom and colleagues. Also great for organizations and synagogues. 

Assignments Design source sheets for in-class projects or homework and automatically make copies for your students while retaining your own sheet as a template. Students will then be able to answer questions (and ask their own!), add text, media, and more on their own versions of the sheet. Students can submit their source sheets for easy grading online.

Highlight Explore, manipulate, and hone textual skills by tagging, color coding, and filtering blocks of texts. 

Collaborate Work together to create and edit a single source sheet.

Visualize Transform the entire layout of your source sheet to move, match, and manipulate sources, images, and media to design a sheet perfect for visual learners.

Educator Hub Find resources, materials, and tutorials designed to help you make the best use of Sefaria in the classroom.

Attend a Training Learn how to navigate Sefaria's vast library and use the source sheet builder by signing up for these specialized trainings:

Navigating Sefaria's Library — October 9, noon EDT:

Source Sheet Building 101 — October 17, 8-9 pm EDT

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