Summer Reading Series: Chasidut, Musar, and Modern Works

In our fourth and final installment in the Summer Reading Series, we invite you to explore the new texts in our Chasidut, Musar, and Modern Works Libraries.



Modern Works

  • Care of the Critically Ill: in this volume, Rav Tendler, student and son-in-law of Rav Feinstein, translates more than a dozen of Rav Feinstein’s teshuvot. Among them are teshuvot on various aspects of the care of the terminally ill, on the question of “brain death,” and on the factor of “quality of life” as it affects the questions of employing extraordinary medical measures to maintain terminally ill patients on life support. Available in Hebrew and English.
  • Redeeming Relevance: Exodus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy: Rabbi Francis Nataf gives a careful, penetrating look at the issues and personalities in the book of Shemot – inviting the reader to his conversations with Eternity. Available in English.
  • Contemporary Halachic Problems, Volumes 1-6: in this much-lauded series – dealing with the most complex problems presented by the latest technologies and recent changes in social perspective – the treasures of Jewish law are made accessible to the English reader untrained in the intricacies of talmudic jurisprudence. The volumes are collected in our Modern Works Library.

We also have a new lexicon: Mahberet Menachem. Quoted by Rashi as a philological authority, this work is the first complete lexical treatment of Biblical vocabulary composed in Hebrew.

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