Sefaria Spotlight on: Elan Paul

Meet Elan Paul. He is a third year student at Yeshiva University studying computer science. While interning for a startup in Seattle this past summer, Elan needed to find a way to continue his nightly chavrusa despite being far away from his library of sefarim. Enter Sefaria, a portable, digital library.

When Elan found himself studying the same books every night on Sefaria, he realized that it would be helpful to have a Daf saver so that he could keep track of where he was in his learning. In his free time, Elan created a Chrome extension Daf Saver for Sefaria. Elan’s story is yet another wonderful example of open source at work: he identified a need in his digital Torah study, used Sefaria’s API to build a solution, and enhanced the world of Jewish tech in the process.

Check out Elan’s Daf Saver here.