Assignments: A new source sheet feature for educators

Introducing Assignments, a new feature that transforms the traditional in-class or homework assignment process. Gone are the days when teachers had to write up assignments, print them out, distribute to students, and then collect them back; with Assignments, teachers can easily integrate questions on to a source sheet, share that link with their students, and automatically collect answers once the students complete their responses. Students can annotate, comment, or add additional content, while educators can prompt open-ended or multiple choice questions. To use: make a source sheet like you normally would, click on the ‘Assignments’ button on the left panel, and click ‘Make this sheet assignable.’ Take the link that appears on the screen and share it with your students via email or any other method. When students log on to Sefaria, their assignment will automatically populate with your template. And when they’re done, it will be sent right back to you. It’s that simple!

For a more in-depth tutorial, watch this video.

[wpvideo D3ZpqME7]