First Published on Sefaria: Daat Zekenim by Eliyahu Munk

In the past, Sefaria has worked with Urim, Eliyahu Munk's publishers, to release some of his existing Torah commentary translations with an open license. Now we've done something new: partnered with Urim to fund the completion of Rabbi Munk's most recent translation, the Daat Zekenim Torah commentary, and release it on Sefaria under the CC-BY license--even before it's available in print. This kind of partnership is very exciting for us. Sefaria can offer its users a new translation, facilitate the creation of CC-BY Jewish content, and help support traditional publishing--all at the same time.

About Daat Zekenim:

Daat Zekenim is a Torah commentary compiled by later generations of scholars from the Franco-German (Ba'alei HaTosafot) school in the 13th century.