Looking Up Sefaria Sources on Other Sites

Sefaria has a huge library of Torah texts, and it's constantly growing. One of the most exciting elements of our digital library has been the format's capacity to highlight the inherent interconnectedness of Jewish texts. From the start, we’ve sought out references between texts and shown you these connections in the sidebar on Sefaria. We’ve been excited by the opportunities that this linkage can create for exploring Torah in the digital age. Having created this linked experience on Sefaria, we’ve seen it as a natural next step to establish these connections on other websites as well. We’re pleased to share that with our new Linker, references to Torah texts from any web page can now be linked to Sefaria.

Our first partner for this project is Yeshivat Har Etzion's Virtual Beit Midrash (VBM), which is now linked with Sefaria’s database. Every article on VBM, in English or Hebrew, is linked to the original source on Sefaria.

As an institution or a blog writer, you too can install code on your site that will look up and source any Torah reference. Just follow these instructions.

As a reader, you can easily drag a bookmarklet into your browser, and click it any time to look up the textual references on the page that you’re viewing. You can find a few different flavors of bookmarklet, here.