Talmud status update

In January, we shared a Talmud status report, in which we discussed the progress we made and the challenges we faced in digitizing the Talmud on Sefaria. Over the past six months, we've continued to enhance the Talmud experience on our site, adding more commentaries and translations, and verifying the accuracy of our Rashi and Tosafot comments against the Vilna Shas. Here are our new additions and developments:

  • We digitized A. Cohen's 1921 translation of masechet Berakhot, giving us a fully bilingual brachot.
  • Thanks to our agreement with Daf Shevui, we have the full English translation of masechet Sukkah and masechet Megillah, bringing the number of fully bilingual masechtot to three.
  • We have completed the Rashi and Tosafot verification on masechets BerakhotTaanitMegillahMoed KatanChagigahKetubot, and Niddah. We are currently working on Nedarim, Shabbat, Eruvin, Yoma, and Beitzah.
  • We've started adding more commentaries to Sefaria, beginning with the Maharsha. We have added almost his entire Chidushei Agadot, and we continue to add his Chidushei Halachot as we finish checking the Rashi and Tosafot comments on a given masechet.
  • We've added almost all of the Rosh (a few masechtot are still outstanding), along with the supercommentaries on the Rosh: the Pilpula Charipta, Tifferet Yisrael, Korban Netanel, and Maadenei Yom Tov.
  • We're tantalizingly close to finishing the digitization of the Rif. Right now, we have the Rif on Makkot and Taanit. The rest will be forthcoming.
We look forward to keeping you updated on our progress.