User Spotlight: Make-your-own haggadah contest winner

In the lead-up to Passover, Sefaria released a freely reusable bilingual haggadah, and invited users to make their own haggadot or haggadah supplements. We enjoyed reading all of your submissions, and invite you to check them out here. We are pleased to announce the winner of our make-your-own haggadah contest, Dr. Sarah Bunin Benor. Dr. Benor is an associate professor of Contemporary Jewish Studies at Hebrew Union College — Jewish Institute of Religion in Los Angeles, California.

It’s been nearly a decade since Dr. Benor created her own haggadah by xeroxing excerpts from several haggadot. Deciding that it was time for an update, Dr. Benor turned to Sefaria. “I learned about the new haggadah feature (without verse numbers) on Sefaria...and I was very happy because I had tried to do this on other sites and not succeeded,” Dr. Benor explained.

So how did Dr. Benor create her new haggadah using Sefaria? She added each section individually. Though time-consuming, it allowed her to easily decide what to add, remove or edit, while simultaneously experimenting with different fonts and sizes. Here’s what Dr. Benor’s new haggadah includes: a short introduction, most parts of the haggadah, and a selection of Jewish language songs (the Four Questions in Yiddish, Who Knows One in Yiddish, Ladino and Jewish English).

For Dr. Benor, the ability to effortlessly design the page to her specifications is what made Sefaria stand out among its peers. “Sefaria made the process really easy because of the options of adding each text and editing both the Hebrew and the English,” Dr. Benor explained.

Armed with 20 copies of this Haggadah, Dr. Benor hosted both sedarim at her home, and used the Sefaria-made haggadah throughout. While this was Dr. Benor’s first time using Sefaria, it certainly won’t be her last: She plans to use it for future source sheets for teaching and handouts for ritual events.