Sefaria works to free up two more translations

In addition to being a prolific Sefaria contributor, Dr. Joshua Kulp, is the author of The Shecter Haggadah and Reconstructing the Talmud, and ran the recently completed Mishnah Yomi program through the Conservative Yeshiva. He is now running the Yeshiva's Daf Shevui program, where he translates, comments on, and explains a daf of Talmud every week. Massechet Sukkah was the first Masechet done, and he is currently working through Massechet Megillah. Sefaria is pleased to announce that we have come to an arrangement with Dr. Kulp and The Conservative Yeshiva. In exchange for helping to sponsor the program, the contents of Masechets Sukkah and Megillah will be released under the CC0 license, essentially donating it to the public domain. We have imported Masechet Sukkah already, and work on importing Megillah will start soon. This is our second such agreement, and we're pleased to once again help fund content creators in exchange for donating work to the public domain where Sefaria and countless others can benefit from this work.