New additions - December

I apologize for the sporadic nature of these posts in 2014. In 2015 these updates will be a regular bi-monthly activity in order to keep everyone apprised of what’s new on Sefaria. In the mean time, we didn’t complete as many things in December in part because we were busy starting work on some larger projects, many of which you’ll hopefully start seeing in January.

  • Midrash Mishlei (Hebrew), by Salomon Buber. We also included Buber’s footnotes as a commentary so they show up in the sidebar.
  • Ibn Ezra on Navi (Hebrew). Ibn Ezra wrote commentaries on Isaiah and Trey-Asar, all of which are now on Sefaria.
  • The Glick edition of the Ein Yaakov (English and Hebrew). The Ein Yaakov was originally compiled by Yaakov Ibn Habib, and contained the aggadata from the Talmud. The Glick edition was written by Rb. S.H. Glick, and published in five volumes between 1919 and 1921. Both Glick’s Hebrew and his English have been reproduced on Sefaria in their entirety.

Several of the works above are texts which Sefaria digitized from public domain books, most for the first time ever. As with everything Sefaria does, we strive to make things available under the most open and free licenses possible. When we digitize a public domain book, the text is released into the public domain with no use restrictions whatsoever. You can feel free to use, copy, reproduce, or do whatever you would like with those texts. If you want to see the license for a book, click on ‘about text’ when looking at any text, and you will see the license information, if it is known.