Create a new translation on Sefaria!

If you could create any English translation of a text or collection of traditional texts, what would it be? Pick a work, topic, theme, or genre, and tell us about the source or sources that you would like to translate into English. Sefaria is prepared to commit $10,000 for projects that excite us and meet our needs and requirements.

The fine print:
- Individuals or groups are welcome to submit proposals.
- The translator(s) must be legally permitted to translate the work(s) selected.
- The translation must be your own original work, which you are prepared to release to Sefaria under a CC-0 license.
- Proposals must include the name of the translator(s), and an explanation of why you are qualified to create this translation. Please also include a description of the anthology being proposed or work to be translated, and an approximate timeline for the project.
- All proposals are due by January 25, 2015.
Share your ideas with us! Send proposals, comments, or questions to