New Additions to Sefaria

We have a few additions to the website worth mentioning.

Rashbam was a 12th century French Tosafist and the grandson of Rashi. His commentary is considered to be one of the standard biblical commentaries included in the mikraot gedolot. One of his most famous and controversial comments was that the Jewish day should begin in the morning, not the evening as is traditional. This position was attacked by Ibn Ezra, and caused part of Rashbam’s commentary to be censored for a time.

Tanna Dbei Eliyahu is a Midrashic collection consisting of 31 chapters. It is sometimes included alongside Tanna Debei Eliyahu Zuta - a shorter collection of midrashim by the same name. (Which we will hopefully be adding to the website soon).

Written in 1909,Legends of the Jews is a collection of midrashim from a wide variety of sources by Louis Ginzberg. He combines, summarizes, and paraphrases where needed in order to create a readable narrative organized chronologically.

Written by Meir Simcha HaKohen of Dvinsk and published in 1927, the year after he died, the Meshech Chochma is a collection of insights, comments, halacha, and thought about each parsha. In one of his most famous comments, he warned of doom for those who “mistook Berlin for Jerusalem”.

  • Ibn Ezra on Neviim Achronim

Ibn Ezra wrote commentary on most of the books of Tanach, generally focusing on the pshat or plain meaning of words, often rejecting midrashic interpretation, even when that was the standard rabbinic interpretation.