And the Winner Is...

In many ways, it’s clear that Sefaria is the big winner in our Mishnah translation contest. Thanks to the skill and generosity of our translators, 1,727 mishnayot were translated during the fifteen days of the contest. That is nearly 50% of the entire Mishnah, and puts Sefaria’s crowdsourced Mishnah translation at 97% complete.

Sefaria has also gained new contributors, and we have created a model for crowdsourcing translations which we believe will be fruitful for future projects as well. Many thanks to all those of you who helped out, both by translating and by spreading the word.
Over the next two weeks, Sefaria’s staff will review samples of the translations that have been submitted, in order to ensure that these translations meet our guidelines. Official winners will be announced on January 15th, and prizes will be awarded accordingly!