Author: wolfamelia

Sefaria’s Eighth Plague

The best engineering goes unnoticed. Ideally, a website runs so perfectly that users never have to wonder what is going on behind the scenes. Over the past few weeks, Sefaria’s engineers have been working to create just that by speeding up the server at the core. Specifically, Sefaria is migrating the site from a single server to a multi-server architecture that allows us to trigger additional resources on demand. That way, when the site begins to slow as users access it in greater and growing numbers, we can automatically tap these resources, scaling them up and down according to traffic. And how do we test these servers? What do we use to mimic the swarms of users that descend upon Sefaria every day, hungry for learning? Locusts, of course! The eighth plague.

Intertextual Linking

At Sefaria, we love to talk about our system of links and connections. For example: did you know that our library features more than 1.5 million intertextual links? But what does that really mean? When you select any given passage, you can look at the sidebar to see all the many texts — from Halakhah (legal codes) to Kabbalah (mysticism) to Musar (ethical instruction) — that cite that very passage. From there, you can go on to read those citations in context. Here’s one example to the tune of Had Gadya:  

Introducing Public Groups

Announcing the launch of Public Groups, a long awaited feature for schools and organizations. The Public Groups platform gives you a landing page to collect and showcase your resources, allowing you and your team to have a personal home on Sefaria where your Torah can live. With Public Groups, you can use Sefaria to start conversations around your group’s Torah, both within your own community, with the broader diverse Sefaria userbase, and with the world.