About Sefaria

Sefaria is building the future of Jewish learning in an open and participatory way.

We are building a free living library of Jewish texts and their interconnections, in Hebrew and in translation. Our scope is Torah in the broadest sense, from Tanakh to Talmud to Zohar to modern texts and all the volumes of commentary in between. Sefaria is created, edited, and annotated by an open community.

Having digital texts enables us to create new, interactive interfaces for the Web, tablet and mobile which allow students and scholars around the world to freely learn and explore the interconnections among Torah texts.

Judaism’s core texts grew out of millennia-long conversations and arguments across generations. We envision creating an open space for ancient conversations to continue in new ways, with new participants, new questions, and new layers of dialogue.

3 thoughts on “About Sefaria

  1. I can no longer see the English and Hebrew side by side and the references are completely gone as well. What’s up with that?


    1. Hi Loren, the ability to see Hebrew/English side by side will be back in a few weeks time. Our engineers just needed to tweak it a bit to work with our new interface. With regards to the references, those should all still be there. Have you tried reloading the page? Please try that and if it still doesn’t work, email hello@sefaria.org so we ca help you figure it out.


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