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Pesach Prep with Sefaria

Looking for resources to enhance your Pesach teaching? Sefaria has texts, commentaries, Haggadah templates, and source sheets to help you and your students prepare.

Sefaria’s Haggadah template is perfect for creating class Haggadot, reviewing sections of the Haggadah, and assigning sections to students for in-depth study. You can make a customizable copy of the Haggadah and add pictures, comments from students, and more.

For inspiration, check out this beautiful Haggadah created by first graders at Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School, with the help of their teacher and past partner educator Toby Kaplowitz!

The Haggadah with Roots is an annotated Haggadah that provides the textual sources for each section of the Haggadah. Explore the backstory of this famous liturgy by showing your students the sources in the Midrash, Mishnah, Tosefta, and Talmud.

Sefaria’s library of Haggadah commentaries is extensive. Along with standard Ashkenazi and Edot haMizrah versions, we have commentaries by the Ephod Bad, Kos Eliyahu, Maarechet Heidenheim, and more.

More than 375 source sheets are tagged “Passover,” with more being published every day. They are available to use in their current form or to adapt to your specific needs. Here are a few source sheets you might find helpful:

For background information on Pesach, you might start with Mishnah Pesachim: Chapter 10 – Student Copy by Naomi Zaslow, or Moses: The Birth of a Leader by Nathaniel Helfgot.

Explore some themes of the holiday with sheets like Contemplating Slavery at the Time of our Freedom by Rachel Solomin or Song of Songs and Passover by Marina Yergin.

As you delve into the Haggadah itself, you might like The Three Questions — Haggadah and the Seder by Joshua Kulp, or The Four (Thousand) Questions: Cultivating Question-Asking at Your Pesach Seder by Dasi Fruchter.

You can view the most popular texts our community uses to teach about this holiday in Sefaria’s “Passover” topic. While you’re there, explore related topics such as Freedom, Slavery, and Exodus.

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